5:30 to 6:45PM

St. Paul's UMC provides yoga sessions that are gentle enough for the yoga novice and challenging enough for the yoga practitioner in the Lobby.


Please join us! It is always more fun with family and friends! 

Yoga exercises

$7 per person


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect?

A typical yoga class begins with a short meditation, or centering. The participants are always reminded on the importance of focusing on breathing. Later, the yoga practitioners are lead through an either simplified, or a more advanced warm up (sun salutation), and later yoga poses. Every class ends with final relaxation (Savasana). All levels are welcome!

Is your class challenging?

Classes are never the same. With each session, the class is designed for the level of the students who are attending the class that day. Still, each student is encouraged to listen to their own individual need, and to always listen to their body.

What if I have more questions or need more information?

We are excited that you are interested in Yoga here at St. Paul's! You can find more information by contacting us here

Fitness Lady in Zumba class


$4 per person OR

$30 Card for

10 sessions

15 years or older


St. Paul's UMC provides zumba sessions that are fun, engaging fitness program that dances-alternating fast and slow rhythms-to latin and international music! 


Please join us in Chapman Hall! It is always more fun with family and friends!