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Build community in small groups.

We hold the belief that the uniqueness of church lies not just in the Sunday sermon, but also in the connections we form that support our commitment to God.

Image by Sarah Noltner
Small Groups offer opportunity for individuals in similar life stages to connect with one another to grow, serve and make an impact in the community they are in.

We have a strong commitment to providing a holistic experience that goes beyond traditional Sunday services. Our gatherings take place in different locations in the Northeast Heights, including homes, coffee shops, breweries, and dog parks, where we engage in small group discussions about God, Faith and Life.


We are dedicated to serving and supporting our local communities, forming deep connections that nourish our faith as we navigate life's journey.

How Small Groups Work

Small groups provide an avenue to connect, engage and impact.

Gather during weekdays to engage in conversations about spiritual matters.

Join your friends to volunteer at one of the serving opportunities supported or organized by our Church Life Ministries or members.

Cultivate friendships and seek support in managing the challenges of parenting, work-life balance, well-being, and other aspects of life.

Support Group Circle

Groups for all generations and seasons of life.

Community Connections

Community Connections: Engaging Experiences for All Ages