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Community Outreach

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Below are opportunities for you to give back to the community around you.

Community Outreach

The SP Church Council in 2017 approved the Outreach Committee's collection of clothing items for men, women and children in the right side bin under the lobby/narthex stairs.

All gender clothing items are welcome and may be placed and will be given to sources who help Albuquerque's needy and homeless. Clothing donations are especially helpful during the holiday seasons and year-round.

The Storehouse bin (left side bin)

is open for contributions under the stairs in the lobby. The SP Church Council will work with the agency now to regularly collect and accept any non-perishable food items.

SP participation continues

for the 16th year with Project Share - the cooking in Chapman Hall kitchen and meal service downtown to the homeless at Hope Works (formerly St. Martin's). SP cooking and serving months for 2019 are January through April.

Volunteers are welcome and cash contributions are even more encouraged.

We seek donations to purchase items to make the great meal we serve and homeless recipients totally enjoy.

Please designate your check on the "FOR" line and cash donations on the offering envelopes to: SP Project Share.

The nine Project Share workers from St. Paul's and the hundreds of homeless Hope Works participants graciously thank you in advance.

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