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Pandemic Possibilities By Pastor Doug

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Dear St. Paul's Family,

When things began to shut down in March, I got worried.

Not just because there was a Virus like nothing seen in a century in America. I had a problem not just with the new health challenge - I had a problem with my old one. In 2004, the result of almost 2 decades of a sedentary behavior showed up in my annual blood test. My physical actually went well, but it wasn't just the present my Doctor wanted to talk to me about. He was concerned for my future... if something didn't change. Specifically, if I did not change my diet and especially my lack of exercise - well, let's just say that I got back in the pool for the first time in at least 15 years within days of that conversation. It was an important conversation.

One of the most important conversations of my life. So, when I realized they would be closing the pools here, I got worried. "Well, I could start walking, I thought." Yeah, I could. But, I don't enjoy walking. Nevertheless, that is exactly what I started doing - walking. And, in order to gain the benefits similar to swimming,,I was often walking morning and evening.

When I went for a checkup with my doctor in Lubbock I shared with him that, strangely, I had noticed some physical improvements since I started walking so much. He explained to me that it was no surprise. Walking, some persons feel, is as good or better exercise than swimming. I was surprised. I asked why he had never told me that. Dr. Ordonez answered, "You had started swimming - and doing it regularly. I didn't want to distract from doing what you were finally starting. But, if you get to where you are doing both that will really deliver good impact." I left his office realizing that since the pools reopened, and with the "encouragement" of a good wife, I had changed my exercise habits. I had combined walking and swimming, something I had wanted to do for years. But now, I am doing both almost every day. In other words, the pandemic has made me a healthier person.

Some Challenges = Golden Opportunities

Something I always wanted and needed to change in my life happened because of Covid 19.

Currently, we face challenges as Christian disciples in this season of pandemic. We can avoid these challenges and long for a "return to normal." But, what if, what if!, the Lord sees this as a season of possibilities. A season to put into practice a spiritual awakening for which we long but have simply not had an urgency to seek.

What if the very things that we must do in order to retain spiritual health in the pandemic will fashion a new spiritual depth in our lives?

Our Important Conversation I am asking you to join with me in a very important Pastoral Conversation St. Paul's Special Gathering, a Special Live-stream at 7 PM on Sunday evening, SEPTEMBER 20TH.

Together, I want to share my necessary, golden opportunities.

"What if the very things that we must do in order to retain spiritual health in the pandemic will fashion a new spiritual depth in our lives?" - Pastor Doug

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